Kia Stinger: Driving your vehicle / ISG (Idle Stop and Go) system

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2020 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / ISG (Idle Stop and Go) system

Your vehicle may be equipped with the ISG system, which reduces fuel consumption by automatically shutting down the engine, when the vehicle is at a standstill. (For example : red light, stop sign and traffic jam)

The engine starts automatically as soon as the starting conditions are met.

The ISG system is ON whenever the engine is running.


When the engine automatically starts by the ISG system, some warning lights (ABS, ESC, ESC OFF, EPS or Parking brake warning light) may turn on for a few seconds. This happens because of low battery voltage. It does not mean the system has malfunctioned.

Limitations of the system
The smart cruise control system may have limits to its ability to detect distance to the vehicle ahead due to road and traffic conditions. On curves On curves, the smart cruise control system ...

Auto stop
To stop the engine in idle stop mode Stop the vehicle completely by pressing the brake pedal when the shift lever is in the D (Drive) or N (Neutral) position. The engine will stop and the green ...

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