Kia Stinger: Safety features of your vehicle / Seat

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2020 Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seat

Driver`s seat

(1) Driver position memory system*
(2) Forward and backward
(3) Seatback angle
(4) Seat cushion height
(5) Lumbar support
(6) Cushion extension
(7) Seat back bolster control
(8) Headrest

Front Passenger`s seat

(9) Forward and backward
(10) Seatback angle
(11) Seat cushion height
(12) Lumbar support
(13) Headrest

Rear seat

(14) Armrest
(15) Headrest
(16) Seatback folding lever

WARNING - Loose objects

Do not place anything in the driver's foot well or under the front seats. Loose objects in the driver's foot area could interfere with the operation of the foot pedals.

WARNING - Driver responsibility for passengers

The driver must advise the passengers to keep the seatback in an upright position whenever the vehicle is in motion. If a seat is reclined during an accident, the restraint system's ability to restrain will be greatly reduced.

WARNING - Seat cushion

Occupants should never sit on aftermarket seat cushions or sitting cushions. The passenger's hips may slide under the lap portion of the seat belt during an accident or a sudden stop.

WARNING - Driver’s seat

WARNING - Rear seatbacks

Always lock the rear seatback before driving. Failure to do so could result in passengers or objects being thrown forward injuring vehicle occupants.

WARNING - Luggage and Cargo

Do not stack pile or stack luggage or cargo higher than the seatback in the cargo area. In an accident the cargo could strike and injury a passenger. If objects are large, heavy or must be piled, they must be secured in the cargo area.

WARNING - Cargo Area

Do not allow passengers to ride in the cargo area under any circumstance. The cargo area is solely for the purpose of transporting luggage or cargo.

WARNING - Seat adjustment

WARNING - Small Objects

Use extreme caution when picking up small objects trapped under the seats or between the seat and the center console. Your hands might be cut or injured by the sharp edges of the seats mechanism.

Feature of Seat Leather



Wrinkles or abrasions which appear naturally from usage are not covered by warranty.

Important safety precautions
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Front seat adjustment - power
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