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Kia Stinger CK 2018-2021 Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seat / Driver position memory system

Driver Position Memory System is the facility that enables driver’s seat, leg extension, steering wheel, exterior mirrors, cluster and head-up display (HUD) to be controlled with a simple button operation, which allows a driver to recall memorized driving positions and automatically control them.

- Driver’s seat/Leg extension/Steering Wheel/Exterior mirrors: Location
- Cluster: Brightness of lighting
- Head Up Display (HUD): Height, rotation and brightness.

WARNING - Driver Position Memory System

Never attempt to operate the driver position memory system while the vehicle is moving. This could result in loss of control, and an accident causing death or serious injury.

Storing positions into memory using the buttons on the door

Storing driver’s seat positions

1. Press the Parking button while the engine start/stop button is ON.

2. Adjust the driver's seat, including leg extension if equipped and outside rearview mirror and head up display comfortable for the driver.

3. Press SET button on the control panel. The system will beep once.

4. Press one of the memory buttons (1 or 2) within 4 seconds after pressing the SET button. The system will beep twice when memory has been successfully stored.

When recalling an adjustment memory button while sitting in the vehicle, you can be surprised by the setting chosen if the memory has been adjusted by someone else. If that occurs, immediately push the seat position control knob in the direction of the desired position to stop further undesired movement.

Recalling positions from memory

1. Press the Parking button while the engine start/stop button is ON.

2. To recall the position in the memory, press the desired memory button (1 or 2). The system will beep once, then the driver’s seat will automatically adjust to the stored position.

Adjusting the control switch for the driver’s seat while the system is recalling the stored position will cause the movement to stop and move in the direction that the control switch is moved.

Easy access function

When exiting the vehicle, the steering wheel will move away from the driver and the seat will move rearward when the engine is turned off.

When entering the vehicle, the steering wheel will move toward the driver and the seat will move forward when the Engine Start/Stop Button is pressed to the ACC position or START position.

You can activate or deactivate this feature. Refer to “User settings” in chapter 4.

Driver position memory system reset

If the Driver position memory system reset fails to work, initialize the system as follows.

How to initialize:

1. Stop the car and open the driver’s door with the Engine start/stop button in ON and the automatic shift lever in P (parking) position.

2. Pull the driver’s seat forward as far as possible and have the seatback upright as much as possible using driver’s seat forward adjustment and seatback angle (recline) movement switches.

3. Push SET button and seat forward movement switch button for 2 seconds simultaneously.


Initialization in the process :

1. Initialization begins as the alarm sounds.

2. The seat and seatback will automatically move backwards. The alarm sound will continue while the system is in operation.

3. Initialization will be all set after the seat and seatback move to the center with alarm sound being raised. If, however, any of the following occur, the initialization process will come to a stop and the alarm sound will stop as well.
- When pushing driving position memory system button
- When pushing driver’s seat height adjustment switch
- When relocating the shift lever from P position to other positions
- When the driving speed exceeds 3 km/h (2mph)
- When the driver’s door is closed

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