Kia Stinger: Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA) / System setting and activation

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2020 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA) / System setting and activation

System setting

The driver can activate the FCA by placing the ignition switch to the ON position and by selecting 'User Settings', 'Driver Assistance', and 'Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist'. The FCA deactivates, when the driver cancels the system setting.

The warning light illuminates on the LCD display, when you cancel the FCA system. The driver can monitor the FCA ON/OFF status on the LCD display. Also, the warning light illuminates when the ESC(Electronic Stability Control) is turned off (Traction & Stability control disabled.). When the warning light remains ON with the FCA activated, have the system checked by an authorized Kia dealer.

The driver can select the initial warning activation time in the User Settings in the instrument cluster LCD display. The options for the initial Forward Collision Warning include the following:

Prerequisite for activation

The FCA will activate when the FCA is selected on the LCD display, and when the following prerequisites are satisfied:

- The ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is activated.
- The driving speed is over 10 km/h (6 mph). (The FCA only works within a certain range of vehicle speeds)
- When the FCA recognizes a vehicle or the pedestrian in front. (The FCA may not recognize every obstacle or provide warnings and braking in every situation, so do not rely on the FCA to stop the vehicle in instances where the driver sees an obstacle and has the ability to apply the brakes)


To avoid driver distractions, do not attempt to set or cancel the FCA while operating the vehicle.

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