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Kia Stinger CK 2018-2020 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / The Eco-coasting system

When certain conditions are met, the engine is automatically decoupled from the transmission while the shift lever is remained in D (Drive). In this ECO Coasting mode, the engine stays at idling speed to reduce fuel consumption and increase coasting distance. The engine is automatically coupled back again when ECO Coasting deactivation conditions are met. Please refer to ECO Coasting activation and deactivation conditions.

The Eco-Coasting system setting

The Eco-Coasting system activates if select the Eco-Coasting system from AVN: "Setting Vehicle Coasting" (Please refer to AVN manual for more details.) When the Eco-Coasting system is activated, the message "Coasting" appears at the top center of the cluster.


Eco-Coasting operation conditions

The Eco-Coasting system is activated when the accelerator pedal is depressed and released under the following conditions.

❈ If the front radar for smart cruise system cannot operate normally, the inter-vehicle distance and relative speed condition are automatically ignored.

❈ The Eco-Coasting system works after the engine is turned on, the transmission is warmed up, and the engine sensor selfdiagnosis is completed after starting.

❈ Depending on the driving situation, Eco-Coasting operation may be temporarily delayed even if the above conditions are met.

The Eco-Coasting system release conditions

The Eco-Coasting system will be automatically released when the following conditions are met.

❈ It is recommended to turn off the Eco-Coasting system in the driving condition where frequent acceleration or deceleration is repeated.

Change the drive mode to COMFORT or SPORT mode, or disable Eco-Coasting mode on the AVN screen.

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