Kia Stinger: Transfer Assembly / Transfer Fluid

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2020 Service Manual / 4 Wheel Drive (AWD) System / Transfer Assembly / Transfer Fluid


Defined lubricant
Transfer oil
Exclusive oil for transfer case
(0.217 U.S gal., 0.87 U.S.qt., 0.72 Imp.qt.)

Repair procedures

Prohibition on checking, refilling and replacing the transfer case oil

Do not check, refill and replace the transfer case oil because transfer case (ATF SHELL TF0870B) is filled when coming out of the factory.

Do not check and replace the oil.

No drain plug.

In case that the transfer case (AWD) oil-related failure code (DTC) appears, replace the transfer oil case assembly.

Transfer Case Assembly
Components and components location Components Location 1. Engine 2. Transmission 3. Rear differential 4. Rear propeller shaft 5. Transfer case ...

Oil Seal
Repair procedures Replacement Oil Seal (Main Shaft) 1. Remove the transfer case assembly. (Refer to 4 Wheel Drive (AWD) System -"Transfer Case Assembly") ...

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