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Be sure to adjust the mirror angles before driving.

Your vehicle is equipped with both left-hand and right-hand outside rearview mirrors. The mirrors can be adjusted remotely with the remote switch. The mirror heads can be folded back to prevent damage during an automatic vehicle wash or when passing through a narrow street.

The right outside rearview mirror is convex. Objects seen in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Use your interior rearview mirror or direct observation to determine the actual distance of following vehicles when changing lanes.

CAUTION - Rearview mirror

Do not scrape ice off the mirror face; this may damage the surface of the glass. If ice should restrict the movement of the mirror, do not force the mirror for adjustment.To remove ice, use a deicer spray, a sponge or soft cloth with very warm water.

If the mirror is jammed with ice, do not adjust the mirror by force. Use an approved spray de-icer (not radiator antifreeze) to release the frozen mechanism or move the vehicle to a warm place and allow the ice to melt.

WARNING - Mirror adjustment

Do not adjust or fold the outside rearview mirrors while the vehicle is moving. This could result in loss of control.

Adjusting outside rearview mirror

The electric remote control mirror switch allows you to adjust the position of the left and right outside rearview mirrors. To adjust the position of either mirror, press the R or L button (1) to select the right side mirror or the left side mirror, then press a corresponding point () on the mirror adjustment control to position the selected mirror up, down, left or right.

After adjustment, press the R or L button again to prevent the inadvertent adjustment.

CAUTION - Outside mirror

Reverse parking aid function

While the vehicle is moving in reverse, the outside rearview mirror( s) will move downward to aid reverse parking. According to the position of the outside rearview mirror switch (1), the outside rearview mirror(s) will operate as follows:

L/R : When the remote control outside rearview mirror switch (1) is selected to the L (left) or R (right) position, both outside rearview mirrors will move downward.

Neutral : When the remote control outside rearview mirror switch is placed in the middle position, the outside rearview mirrors will not operate while the vehicle is moving rearward.

The outside rearview mirrors will automatically revert to their original positions under the following conditions:

1. The Engine Start/Stop button is in the OFF position.

2. Shift lever is moved to any position except R (Reverse).

3. Remote control outside rearview mirror switch is placed in the middle position.

Folding the outside rearview mirror

Electric type

The outside rearview mirror can be folded or unfolded by pressing the switch as below.

Left (1) : The mirror will unfold.

Right (2) : The mirror will fold.

Center (AUTO, 3) :

The mirror will fold or unfold automatically as follows:

CAUTION - Electric type outside rearview mirror

The electric type outside rearview mirror operates even though the engine start/stop button is in the OFF position.However, to prevent unnecessary battery discharge, do not adjust the mirrors longer than necessary while the engine is not running.

Do not fold the electric type outside rearview mirror by hand.This could cause motor failure.

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