Kia Stinger: Fuel Delivery System / Sub Fuel Sender

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2024 Service Manual / Engine Control / Fuel System / Fuel Delivery System / Sub Fuel Sender

Repair procedures

Release the residual pressure in fuel line.

(Refer to the Fuel Delivery System - "Release Residual Pressure in Fuel Line")


Switch "OFF" the ignition and disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.


Remove the rear seat cushion.

(Refer to Body - "Rear Seat Assembly")


Remove the sub fuel sender service cover (A) after loosening the mounting screws.


Disconnect the sub fuel sender connector (A).


Remove the locking ring (B) by using the special service tool (A) [No.: 09310-B8100].


Remove the sub fuel sender (A).


Install in the reverse order of removal.

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