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The All Wheel Drive (AWD) System delivers engine power to front and rear wheels for maximum traction. AWD is useful when extra traction is required, such as when driving slippery, muddy, wet, or snow-covered roads.

If the system determines there is a need for four wheel drive, the engine's driving power is distributed to all four wheels automatically.


If the AWD warning light () stays on the instrument cluster, your vehicle may have a malfunction with the AWD system. When the AWD warning light () illuminates we recommend that the vehicle be checked by an authorized Kia dealer as soon as possible.


To reduce the risk of SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH:


For safe AWD operation

Before driving

Driving on snow-covered or icy roads

Driving in sand or mud


When the vehicle is stuck in snow, sand or mud, place a non-slip material under the drive wheels to provide traction OR slowly spin the wheels in forward and reverse directions which causes a rocking motion that may free the vehicle. See the Section "Rocking the Vehicle" for more details. However, avoid running the engine continuously at high rpm, which could damage the AWD system.


When using Snow Tires, mount them on all four wheels. For more information on Snow Tires, refer to "Winter Driving" in this chapter.

Driving up or down hills

All Wheel Drive (AWD)

Emergency precautions
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