Kia Stinger: ISG (Idle Stop and Go) system / Auto stop

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2024 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / ISG (Idle Stop and Go) system / Auto stop

To stop the engine in idle stop mode

Stop the vehicle completely by pressing the brake pedal when the shift lever is in the D (Drive) or N (Neutral) position.

The engine will stop and the green AUTO STOP() indicator on the instrument cluster will illuminate.


If you open the engine hood in auto stop mode, the following will happen:

ISG (Idle Stop and Go) system
Your vehicle may be equipped with the ISG system, which reduces fuel consumption by automatically shutting down the engine, when the vehicle is at a standstill. (For example : red light, stop sign ...

Auto start
To restart the engine from idle stop mode Release the brake pedal. or Move the shift gear to the R (Reverse) position or the manual mode while depressing the brake pedal. The engine will ...

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