Kia Stinger: Lubrication System / Oil Pan

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2023 Service Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Lubrication System / Oil Pan

Repair procedures

Remove the engine room front under cover and side cover.

(Refer to Engine and Transmission Assembly - "Engine Room Under Cover")


Drain the engine oil.

(Refer to Lubrication System - "Engine Oil")


Remove the engine mounting support bracket nut (A).

Tightening torque :

63.7 - 83.4 N·m (6.5 - 8.5 kgf·m, 47.0 - 61.5 Ib·ft)




Remove the RH hood sealing cover (A).


Remove the engine room cover (A).


Remove the LH hood sealing cover (A).


Remove the cowl top cover.

(Refer to Body (Interior and Exterior) -"Cowl Top Cover")


Remove the hood assembly

.(Refer to Body (Interior and Exterior) -"Hood Assembly")


Assemble the engine support fixture on the engine room.

(Refer to Special Service Tools - "Engine support fixture assembly drawing")


Turn the handle clockwise and then lift up the engine.


Remove the oil pan


Remove the oil pan mounting bolts.


Remove the oil pan (A). Insert the blade of SST (09215-3C000) between the ladder frame and oil pan. Cut off applied sealer and remove the lower oil pan.


Be careful not to damage the contact surfaces of ladder frame.


Insert the SST between the oil pan and the ladder frame by tapping it with a plastic hammer in the direction of ① arrow.

After tapping the SST with a plastic hammer along the direction of ② arrow around more than 2/3 edge of the oil pan, remove it from the ladder frame.

Do not turn over the SST abruptly without tapping. It be result in damage of the SST.


Install the oil pan.


Using a gasket scraper, remove all the old sealant material from the gasket surfaces.


Before assembling the oil pan, liquid sealant Loctite 5900H, Three bond 1217H or equivalent should be applied on oil pan. The part must be assembled within 5 minutes after sealant was applied.

Bead width : 2.0 - 3.0 mm (0.08 - 0.12 in.)


When applying sealant gasket, sealant must not be protruded into the inside of oil pan.

To prevent leakage of oil, apply sealant gasket on the inner threads of the bolt holes.


Install the oil pan (A). Uniformly tighten the bolts in several passes.

Tightening torque

9.8 - 11.8 N·m (1.0 - 1.2 kgf·m, 7.2 - 8.7 lb·ft)


After assembly, wait at least 30 minutes before filling the engine with oil.

Always use a new drain plug gasket.


Install in the reverse order of removal.


Fill the engine oil.

(Refer to Lubrication System - "Engine Oil")


Refill engine with engine oil.

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