Kia Stinger: Differential Carrier Assembly / Rear Differential Carrier

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2023 Service Manual / Driveshaft and axle / Differential Carrier Assembly / Rear Differential Carrier

Components and components location

1. Drain plug
2. Differential case
3. Differential cover
4. Pinion drive gear
5. Pinion drive gear adjustment shim
6. Pinion rear bearing
7. Pinion bearing spacer
8. Pinion front bearing
9. Pinion oil seal
10. Companion flange
11. Pinion lock nut
12. Differential side bearing
13. Differential side bearing spacer
14. Differential case assembly
15. Air breather
16. Filler plug
17. Side oil seal
18. Differential case cover bolts
19. Oil guide spacer (RH)
20. Oil guide spacer (LH)
21. LSD
22. Differential case assembly bolts
23. Drive gear

Differential Carrier Assembly

Front Differential Carrier
Repair procedures Removal 1. Remove the propeller shaft. (Refer to Driveshaft and axle - "Front propeller shaft") 2. Remove the sub fr ...

Other information:

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