Kia Stinger: Smart cruise control with stop & go system / When the lane ahead is clear

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2024 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Smart cruise control with stop & go system / When the lane ahead is clear

The vehicle speed will maintain the set speed.

When there is a vehicle ahead of you in your lane

If the vehicle ahead (vehicle speed: less than 30 km/h (20 mph)) moves to the next lane, the warning chime will sound and a message will appear.

Adjust your vehicle speed for vehicles or objects that can suddenly appear in front of you by depressing the brake pedal according to the road and driving conditions ahead.

In heavy traffic

Use switch or pedal to accelerate

Radar to detect distance to the vehicle ahead

The sensor detects distance to the vehicle ahead.

If the sensor is covered with dirt or other foreign matter, the vehicle to vehicle distance control may not operate correctly.

Always keep the sensor clean.

Radar check message

When the sensor lens cover is blocked with dirt, snow, or debris, the Smart Cruise Control System operation may stop temporarily. If this occurs, a warning message will appear on the LCD display. Remove any dirt, snow, or debris and clean the radar sensor lens cover before operating the Smart Cruise Control System. The Smart Cruise Control system may not properly activate, if the radar is totally contaminated, or if any substance is not detected after turning ON the engine (e.g. in an open terrain).

Smart cruise control system malfunction message

The message will appear when the vehicle to vehicle distance control system is not functioning normally.

Take your vehicle to an authorized Kia dealer and have the system checked.

CAUTION - Sensor Damage

To prevent sensor cover damage from occurring, wash the car with a soft cloth.

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