Kia Stinger: Features of your vehicle / Parking distance warning - reverse

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2021 Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Parking distance warning - reverse

The rear parking distance warning - reverse assists the driver during backward movement of the vehicle by chiming if any object is sensed within a distance of 120 cm (47 in.) behind the vehicle.

This system is a supplemental system and it is not intended to nor does it replace the need for extreme care and attention of the driver. The sensing range and objects detectable by the back sensors (1) are limited. Whenever backing-up, pay as much attention to what is behind you as you would in a vehicle without a parking distance warning-reverse.


The parking distance warningreverse is a supplementary function only. The operation of the parking distance warningreverse can be affected by several factors (including environmental conditions). It is the responsibility of the driver to always check the area behind the vehicle before and while backing up.

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Operation of the parking distance warning-reverse
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