Kia Stinger: Rear Door / Rear Door Trim

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2020 Service Manual / Front Seat Belt / Rear Door / Rear Door Trim

Components and components location
Component Location

1. Rear door trim

Repair procedures

Put on gloves to protect your hands.


Use a plastic panel removal tool to remove interior trim pieces without marring the surface.

Take care not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.


Remove the rear door inside handle cover (A) by using a remover.


Remove the rear door pull handle cap (A) by using a remover.


Remove the rear door trim (A) after loosening the mounting screw.


Remove the rear door inside handle cage (A).


Disconnect the power window switch connector (A) and rear door tweeter speaker (B).


Install in the reverse order of removal.


Make sure that the connector is connected properly.

Make sure that the door locks/unlocks and opens/closes properly.

Replace any damaged clips.

Rear Door
Components and components location Components 1. Rear door trim panel 2. Rear door module 3. Rear door panel 4. Rear door fixed glass & weatherstrip 5. ...

Rear Door Inside Handle
Repair procedures Replacement 1. Remove the rear door trim. (Refer to Rear Door - "Rear Door Trim") 2. Rremove the rear door inside h ...

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