Kia Stinger: Driving your vehicle / Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2023 Owners Manual / Driving your vehicle / Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Limited Slip Differential (LSD) refers to a system equipped with a mechanism that controls the differential functions of the wheels in the Rear- Differential. It allows for an enhancement in handling performance during turning.

Never run wheels with one of them lifted by the jack. It is extremely dangerous for a vehicle equipped with Limited Slip Differential.

Be sure to inject oil for exclusive use of LSD when replacing Rear Differential (for LSD) Oil.


There could be slight noises coming from friction plates inside LSD when the LSD-equipped vehicle is turning around, but it is a normal sound in the process of LSD operation and the noises don't indicate vehicle failure.

Oil change is highly recommended in case that the sound becomes louder.

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