Kia Stinger: Front Seat Belt / Wide Sunroof

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2023 Service Manual / Front Seat Belt / Wide Sunroof

Components and components location

1. Sub frame assembly
2. Front fixed panel assembly
3. Wind deflector assembly
4. Roof side molding
5. Roller cassette assembly
6. Mechanism rail assembly
7. Glass motor
8. Roller blind motor

Repair procedures

Inspect Glass Alignment


Inspect the alignment of the moving glass (C) between the front glass (A) and roof panel (B) and adjust it if needed.

Alignment adjustment

Standard value [mm(in.)]

(1) Front edge : 0 mm (0 in.)

(2) Rear edge : 0 mm (0 in.)


Tilt the moving glass by using the wide sunroof switch.


Remove the both sides mechanism cover (A).


Adjust the height of the glass by slighty loosening the screws (A).


Be careful not to damage the screws.


Completely close the moving glass using the wide sunroof switch.


Install the mounting screws (A) after adjust the height of the glass.

Emergency operation


Use the wide sunroof emergency operation only when the sunroof needs to be opened or closed in case of engine failure.


Use a hexagon wrench to open or close the wide sunroof after removing the roof trim. Do not apply too much force when opening or closing the wide sunroof.

[moving glass motor ]

[roller blind motor]


If needed, reset the wide sunroof according to the reset method.

(Refer to Body Electrical System - "Wide Sunroof Motor")

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