Kia Stinger: Maintenance / Light bulb position (Side)

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2023 Owners Manual / Maintenance / Light bulb position (Side)

■ Side repeater lamp

(1) Side repeater lamp (LED type)

Light bulb position (Rear)
■ Rear combination lamp - Type A ■ Rear combination lamp - Type B ■ High mounted stop lamp ■ License plate lamp (1) Stop and tail lamp (LED type) (2) Stop lamp (LED type) (3) Bac ...

Headlamp (LED type) replacement (Headlamp Type B)
■ Head lamp - Type B If the Low/High beam lamp (1, 2), Front turn signal lamp (3), Day time running lamp/Position lamp (4), and/or Side marker (5) do not operate, have the vehicle checked by ...

Other information:

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2023 Service Manual: Specifications

Service data Service data Automatic Transmission Item Specification Transmission model A8LR1-1 Drive type 2WD / AWD Engine THETA ll 2.0 T-GDI (Gasoline) ...

Kia Stinger CK 2018-2023 Owners Manual: Headlight leveling device

Automatic type To ensure the proper headlight beam is used under various conditions, the headlight beam levels are automatically adjusted depending on the number of passengers, the weight in the liftgate, and other driving conditions. ✽ NOTICE If it does not work properly even though your c ...

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